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I will write some of myblogposts in English. This way my friends from India understand some of the posts as well and you my fellow citizen can improve your English reading skills.


Slovenia is the first country on my trip, I have never visited before. We entered Slovenia where the river Drava crosses the border from Austria to Slovenia. When we were searching the bicycle route in the city of Dravograd a friendly native showed us the way. The route was very nice, but it had some steep climbs on bad roads. That’s why we changed to the main road after an enormous lunch in a small restaurant. There were no clouds and it was the first time it really got hot so we had to drink enough water. Shortly before we arrived in Maribor, the most eastern city of the Alps, we reached 100km. We introduced the ritual that we take a small sip of a tasteful Swiss whisky I got from a good friend of mine every time we hit the 100km mark. For me rituals are very important on such a trip. They give you some kind of repetitive highlights on every day.


In Maribor we sleptin a hostel so we could wash our cloths and take a good night’s sleep. After a lazy morning with sightseeing, we packed our bikes and cycled through the vineyards near the city. These were the last hills for quite some time. Near the Austrian Border we visited the restaurant from the godfather of a friend of mine. We had some delicious Slovenian meat and an incredible dessert. Another guest in the restaurant told us about an artificial lake in a gravel pit nearby. We jumped on our bikes and rode with the last rays of sunshine to the flooded gravel pit. There we had a refreshing swim with a beautiful sunset.



  1. And this food …, it looks so delicious! Good that you do some sports…

  2. The Whisky-ritual is a1000 kilometer thing isn’t it? Otherwhise it wouldbe almost an every-evening-ritual…

    • crazycycler

      8. Juli 2015 at 9:21

      No no it’s a 100km thing. But because the trak is pretty flat now, we changed it to 120km. At 1000km i took a big glup.

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