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Short update No.4

After 2 days in Istanbul, I left today on a boat. I crossed the Bosporus and stepped on to asia. Now I am in the city park of Izmit, sitting at the beach, listening to music and talking to my new belgian friend. I am having a great time.

From now on the red arrow on the map will move again. I got great support from the company, wich donated them to me.


  1. Welcome to Asia Matthias!!!
    Pray for a peaceful and joyful journey in Asia and reach your second home in Tiru sooner 🙂
    We are wating my friend…
    Lots of love,
    All children and Madhan

    • crazycycler

      26. Juli 2015 at 12:27

      Hey family

      The part of asia I saw till now is beautiful. Today I will pass over my first asian mountains. It is almost like switzerland just with mosques.
      Every day I get 100km nearer to you. It is such a great fealing.
      Love, Matthias

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