I have some news for you, some are good others aren’t. As the title implies, I had to devide my trip into two parts. The first one has ended today in Samsun. First the good news: I am completly well, only some small bruises on my back. Now the bad news. I had a crash with a car. The accident destroyed my bike and therefore my possibilities to travel. After two days of rest and thinking about all my possibilities, I chose to fly back home. Now I am going to buy a new bike, get some rest and I will fly back to turkey on the 13th of August together with my father.

It is sad, that I can’t continue my trip as I planed. The most important thing is, that I am fine. I am such a lucky guy. Thanks for all the support and help I got during my trip and after the accident. Now I am looking forward to the second part of my trip with my father.