After four days of cycling with a Belgian guy, we split up because I wanted to climb a pass and go hiking and he preferred the more direct route to the black sea. But we are both looking forward to meet again somewhere on the beach.


The park is mostly a ski resort, but there are some hiking trails as well. Because I wasn’t sure where I am allowed to set up my tent, I asked the staff from the Hotel. They gave me the answer I was hoping for: “Everywhere, we don’t care.” So I took my bike and rode to the chairlift station and put up my tent inside it. What a great camping spot. After a good night sleep and a lazy morning, I put on my sandals and started my little hike. The view from the top of the hill was absolutely amazing. I was sad to see, that they never finished and never will finish the hotel on the top. It could have been such a nice place to stay. I got the feeling that maybe 5 years ago they ran out of spare money to invest in the infrastructure of the park. The hiking trails were once perfectly in shape. But now I had sometimes difficulties to find them, because they were overgrown and the storms threw trees all over it. But nevertheless I had a great time exploring the nature and in the end I found my way back home to my tent.

Kilometerstand: 3176